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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> coming up, mother nature did delivers a 1-2 punch. thousands recovering from sandy back in the dark.
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>> police find a body near a burning car. >> call it an off-the-court assessed. how he is drafting big names to express the importance of fatherhood. >> it is thursday, november 8, i am steve chenevey. >> we are going to get right over to jacqui jeras. >> we got off pretty easy over all with the northeaster. the brunt of that went off into new jersey and new england. the headline for today is even though we are waking up with a few sprinkles off to the east, we will have clearing skies throughout the day. temperature's only in the 50's. we will be warming up.
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a great looking seven-day forecast ahead. 42 at reagan national. 37 in gaithersburg. fredericksburg is 45 degrees. the increasing sunshine throughout the day. 50 degrees by noon. 52 degrees at 5:00. our high today is about 55. let's see how traffic is doing. >> good morning. it is tight right now it around the beltway. two minor incidents on 395. heading through sterling 10, the right shoulder. the 14th street bridge, a wonderful start to the morning commute downtown. 66 with a minor crash eastbound
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at 28 centerville. virginia beltway, no delays right now. just a quick note, interstate 95 maryland, northbound no. of a 32, not seeing any delays. >> thank you very much. 5:03. we are following the latest weather troubles hitting the people in the northeast. >> now, a nor'easter. >> 1700's lights over the past into four hours were canceled. -- 1700 flights over the past 24 hours were canceled. you will want to look at your flight information before you head out here. this was just a one-two punch
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for those of north. another setback as snow, wind, and the rain ravaged areas already pounded by super storm sandy one week ago. >> this is insult to injury. >> more than half of a million people are still without power. the temperatures are falling. michael bloomberg urged those and low-lying areas to go somewhere safer. >> we ordered the evacuation of for chronic care facilities three nursing homes for a total of more than 450 residents and one adult care center with more than 170 residents. >> airlines are taking another hit with more than 1700 flights canceled over the past 24 hours. they are now facing new problems like icy roads and closed highways.
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>> now we are waiting on line to get home. >> here at the airport, we have seen some people who are sleeping here. they do not have a flight out. their flight yesterday was canceled. they are hoping things will get back to normal sooner rather than later. >> thank you very much. we are going to learn more about efforts to recover from sandy. the storm dumped more than 2 feet of snow. it caused a massive power outages on top of that. the county board of commissioners will update us on the area's state of emergency. >> year following a developing story in northeast washington where police are trying to figure out how a body ended up by a burning car. >> we can tell you in the back of choice academy high school, the fire department for scud a
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call at 10:00 last evening with reports of a car on fire. they also found a body next to it. the homicide unit was called out immediately to investigate. it is only described as a suspicious death. the car ended up in a ravine back here. it had to be towed out and the body has been removed. the deceased person has not been identified. police are still trying to investigate how that person ended up dead near northeast d.c.. >> thank you so much. taking a look at the day had the man who pleaded guilty to shooting gabrielle giffords will be sentenced today. giffords her husband, and other survivors will be in the courtroom when he learns his
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fate. under a plea deal he will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> not to a look at the presidential election and some tv ratings. 67 million viewers watched election returns on broadcast and cable networks. less than the 71.5 million viewers during the 2008 election. networks did not call the race for president until after 11:00. analysts say limiting -- it is like measuring viewership for a football game decided in the fourth quarter. the first job will be to avoid the fiscal cliff at the beginning of next year. both sides hoping to reach a deal to prevent spending cuts that could plunge the economy back into recession potentially losing thousands of jobs. >>grace, who was a candidate and
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a ward 6 he saw one for signs near a polling place. he picked it up and try to give it to her ticket to the polling area. he said that is when she knocked him to the ground. she was a arrested on assault charges. we are looking at 40 degrees on this thursday. >> del ahead, the latest on a powerful earthquake that left dozens how you doing? alright, alright.
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>> 42 degrees in washington d.c.. kind of a blustery day ahead. things will be looking better and better over the next couple of days. this is the time of the day we ask ourselves, where is adam caskey. >>downtown silver springs. near where the fountain is normally running in the warm season. let's check the latest temperature here. it is 39 degrees. obviously, it will start for the day. we are in the 30's this morning. it will be a blustery day today.
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you will notice the when it. it will still over all be below average in terms of temperatures. 36 in cumberland. 42 degrees and quantico. we will have a little bit of rain east of the metro area this morning, isolated a in nature. some sunshine this afternoon. highs between 50 and 55. bright sunshine the next several days with temperatures warming back into the 60's. let it that. mid to upper 60's by sunday and monday. >> i see you.
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i see you, adam. it is quiet right now from the traffic center. we had a minor incident at 66 and centerville. nothing to worry about. 395 also looks good. from the beltway we come across the 14th street bridge to our nation's capitol. good morning, d.c. to 70 so far is moving at a decent pace. maryland 95 northbound no. of 32 on the left side, just a brief distraction. if you are heading north bound near 32, keep alert. >> 5:13 and 40 degrees. >> good news for customers with a major wireless carrier.
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dark just before dawn. it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with folgers gourmet selections you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors and a new look. >> you are watching abc 7 "good morning, washington" on your side. >> new information out about the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 civilians enter afghanistan. he testified robert bayles
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tested positive for steroids three days after the killings. the army psychiatrist accused in the 2009 fort hood shooting rampage is fighting a court order to have his beard shaved before this trial. he filed an appeal to overturn the trial judge's decision. asks for the judge to be removed from the case. he said the beard is an expression of his muslim faith. >> officials say the magnitude 6.3 earthquake was centered in the pacific ocean off of the vancouver island. an earthquake in the same area last month sparked a tsunami warning for the pacific rim. natural rescuers are looking for survivors after a powerful earthquake and guatemala that destroyed homes near the border with mexico. at least 48 people died after the magnitude 7.4 earthquake hit
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to the region. hundreds of people were hurt. at least 100 people are still missing this morning. >> the northeast getting hammered once again yesterday. >> very much so. we really got a walk in the park. we hardly saw any snowflakes across our area. a few off to the east. we are still in the wake of the storm. we still have cloudy conditions to wake you up with. temperatures are not terrible, but it is shaping up to be a blustery day over all. a pretty picture from the rooftop camera looking over the potomac. you can see the lincoln memorial as well as the washington monument and the capital and venture of the background. 42 degrees at reagan national. 48 at the dulles. 36 in frederick.
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still plenty of 30's on the map. yesterday we had a record. if you thought it was cold, it was with the impact of the northeast winds. washington dulles had a record yesterday that was a record low high temperature. we got up to 43. that was the coolest guy we have had since 1967. if it feels like it has been cooler than average, it has. for the month of november temperatures are averaging eight degrees below average. we have had 10 days in a row below average. that is the long the street sense march and april in 2011. it really is tightly spun here across parts of new england town. things are improving in new jersey and the new york. to mention what they picked up since midnight, just over 5.5 in new york, new jersey.
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central park a record 4.3 inches. our forecast for today showing you the system going up to the north. high pressure will build and behind it. it will be breezy today. once the hydra's off to the east we will get what we call return flow on the back of the highs where winds will come in from the south. here is the forecast for today. increasing cloudiness. -- decrease in cloudiness. a high temperature between 50 and 55 degrees. a good-looking seven-day forecast. this weekend we will be well into the 60's 4 saturday and sunday. the next chance of rain not until tuesday. let's check on traffic. >> metro rail running on time.
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nice and peaceful here as you come out of a falls church over the teddy roosevelt bridge heading into the sea no problems around the beltway currently. -- heading into the sead.c. northbound 95 on the left side they are wrapping up this accident activity. as you head through urbana and towards 109. >>5:21 more on the go plans. >> microsoft office could soon be available for ios and android devices next year. a new mobile application will allow users to use office.
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a subscription plan will be available for those who want to edit the documents. at&t is making investments in their wireless networks. there are expanding the 4g network for 300 million people. is now easier to get digital copies of your favorite comic books. d.c. is available for download. bentley has a car for the ultimate multitasking. the concept car will cost nearly 300 grand
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>> he has done it. this is the stuff of legends. >> that is 18-year-old tony watt
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scoring what appeared to be the game-winner against barcelona and enter the champions league. at just 18 years old, he said it was the best moment of his life. >> pretty impressive. the europe men's soccer team learned it will start the final round of world cup qualifying and honduras. >> -- in honduras. >> hello, and again. let's touch with the d.c. united. the game was canceled last night because of heavy snow in harrison, new jersey. they were still going to try to get the game played. the snow caused severe problems on the playing field. the match was moved until tonight. the game time is 7:30.
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the wizards were in the garden last night. they came from 10 down. this makes it a one. lead in the fourth. in over time it was all celtics. they all fall down after the miss. rondo to bass. goodnight and drive home safely. the celtics when 100-94 and the wizards go to 0-3. >> thank you very much. 5:27 and 40 degrees.
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>> another setback for parts of the north the still struggling to recover from superstore and sandy. how they northeaster has brought some communities back to a standstill. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. >> we did just fine. a few snowflakes of to the east. there are a few sprinkles. that is coming to an end. the cloudiness we are waking up to will be clearing and giving way to sunshine. you can see the northeasterner impacting new england. philadelphia hardly get anything
5:32 am
either. they had over 4 inches of snow in new york city. 42 in washington d.c. 40 at dulles. a chilly 28 in petersburg. our temperatures will form into the 50's with increasing sunshine throughout the day. a high of 55 expected. a great seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. not so bad right now on 66. lanes are open on interstate 95 out of dale city heading through -- you can see a lot increasing. maryland is leaving laurel through columbia, no. 1 95, and overturned a boxed tract. -- a box tract.
5:33 am
here on the belt way we are hearing reports of a crash. an outer loop crash reported near 450. >> thank you. 5:33 right now. adding insult to injury, parts of the northeast still recovering from sandy. now they got hit with a northeaster. >> let's get the latest on the storm watch and travel plans from arianna carter. >> three or four rivals have already been cancelled from that area as well. we know of the past 24 hours 1700 flights have been canceled. after what we saw last week's sandy, this was a 1-2 punch.
5:34 am
many are just trying to pick up the pieces and now they are dealing with wind rain, and snow. there were some evacuation's put in place in the low-lying areas and some coastal communities there. they are trying to take as many precautions as possible. new york mayor michael bloomberg urging everybody to take precautions and to put safety first. they are also dealing with gas problems and gas shortages. now they are having to deal with trains delayed and that flights canceled as well. this is just really a hard hitting week for those people in the northeast. >> thank you very much.l now that president obama has been reelected immigrant rights organizations are urging him to fulfill on his promises. >> a rally was held across from the white house today.
5:35 am
they want congress to push through comprehensive immigration reform legislation. >> the district is also preparing for the inauguration on january 21. capital workers are already building the platform and stage where president obama will be sworn in for a second time. we are told some hotels are getting calls about rooms. >> go to and find out what hotels have availability and what things are happening in the city they can take advantage of. >> metro plans to extend its hours on election day from -- on inauguration day from 4:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. the mart trains are planning
5:36 am
unlimited service on its pen line. >> nobody was home during the break-in but officials say 21- year-old kevin michael hagan admitted into breaking into five homes included nancy pelosi's. police do not believe the break and is politically motivated. >> still ahead an attack inside a local library.
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>> here with my buddy we are hoping your day is moving at a faster pace than mine is. >> 5:39 now. there are some people not moving fast at all in the northeast. >> let's get a look at what some of these people are dealing with. >> 1 foot of snow fell in parts of new jersey and north haven connecticut. that we have some pictures of what is going on there. we show you our first picture coming in from one of those
5:40 am
towns of interconnected get to where there is a lot of snow falling. there is -- we will get it pulled up so you can see what it looks like. dealing with our technology here. let's get this picture pulled up. you can see a little baby girl. parents say this is her first snow. now, on interstate 95 going through the northeastern area you can see the snow conditions. people are trying to drive to work this morning. take a look at somebody's backyard. is coming out of a community in connecticut. you can see one of the statues outside of the town hall surrounded by snow this morning. these communities are trying to
5:41 am
deal with snow. hopefully things will not be as bad this time around. >> you have to feel for those people without power and having to deal with snow. >> it is freezing out there. let's check in with jacqui jeras. how long are these cold temperatures going to stick around? >> this is the end of it. snow should be mounting pretty rapidly. that is the good news. -- melting the pretty rapidly. we are going to go to adam caskey. >> it is cold, but the wind is not too bad here in downtown silver spring. we are a long the main drag it passed the fountain. this is where we have our annual thanksgiving day parade in silver spring, which we do
5:42 am
sponsor an error on our sister station. -- and air on our sister station. general temperatures are in around 40 degrees and even in the 30's. 37 in winchester. 36 in frederick. mid 30's to lower 40's. here is a look at the forecast for today. it will be blustery. we will be dealing with wind on the backside of the northeaster. more sunshine as we go into the afternoon. these guys will clear with high temperatures in the low 50's. i think that is the best we can do, which is still below our average. warmer air is on the way. >> we have a couple of things going on. we have a crash on route 286.
5:43 am
that is the fairfax county parkway. before the toll road, there is an incident. no problems if you use 395. a wide open stretch as you approached the 14th street bridge. heading into the capital, that takes up. still with the accident clean up on i-95 northbound north of route 32. we do have congestion forming in the 5:00 hour. there are more commuters out there. southbound at 95, your travel lanes are open. >> it is 5:33 -- 5:43 right now. the former wizard's player wants to pass along a game plan to
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>> we will tell you about the growing popularity of lady arm wrestling. these women become their own alter egos as part of a new competitive team making waves. join us at 5:00. >> coming up at 6:00, a georgia boy put himself in danger to save his sister from a dog attack. >> hal a potty training toddler ended up getting his mom a ticket. >> one of -- president obama reminds him of an old teammate and one of the best to play the game. >> a former wizard's player
5:48 am
wants to teach powerful skills off the basketball court. >> it is to press the importance of fatherhood. >> he played 11 successful seasons in the nba. he says the career he is most proud of is his role of father. thomas is the product of a single parent home. >> everybody has a choice. that is the main thing i want to stress. no matter was situation you come from, you always have a choice. >> he is posting a father had panel to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the modern father. >> it is about having a talk about the beauty of fatherhood. this is what you are missing out of if you are not taking a part
5:49 am
of it. >> he has enlisted some of the biggest names in the community to sit on the panel. >> the absence of a father in the life of a child has impact far beyond what we can explain. >> he says it is so good for culture and society for all fathers to participate in the lives of their children. it is a message he shares with his own congregation, and one he hopes to share with the community. >> it is important to be there. be seen that. the present. >> the panel is tonight. -- be seen. be present. >> it will be a great event. coming up today confronting dark memories from the past.
5:50 am
that is today at 4:00 right here on abc 7. investigators are looking for a man suspected of attacking a teenager at a local library. the 70-year old girl told police a man was watching her steady tuesday night at the thomas jefferson library. she tried to ditch him by going into the woman does the bathroom. the man followed her in, refused to leave, and then touched and pushed her. he fled after she kicked and screamed. >> i have never seen anything like that happen. >> sometimes these strange people. the fact he went that far, that is really scary. >> the library staff told police they had seen the man before. they did not know of any previous incidents. 5:50 right now. there is more debate over
5:51 am
whether you can make phone calls on an airplane. >> walmart is trying something new for black friday. >> i would tell you exactly what they are doing. they do have a different strategy. walmart is throwing out deals and three ways. in-store specials will start thanksgiving night at 8:00. the next wave is 10:00 with a focus on electronic deals. that is followed by an early morning pushed at 5:00 on friday. they are starting sales two hours earlier than last year and an effort to lure customers from competitors. usa today says there is more debate over whether or not using phone on a plane is allowed. the faa should not dictate how people use the internet, which includes making sky calls.
5:52 am
that is business news. >> thank you so much. >> i go crazy when the -- even if you are in a taxi -- air landing, the second bus wheels touched down. it is so loud. -- the second those wheels touched down. >> lots of the flights were canceled. they picked up record snowfall yesterday, over 4 inches in central park. there were some gusts to the north, 50 miles per hour. really a walk in the part for us. we got off really easy. the way the storms develop and
5:53 am
how far off shore it was, we just got clouds and a little bit of light rain and snow flakes on the eastern shore. it will be a little bit on the breezy side. temperatures are not terrible period of 40 at dulles, 42 at reagan national. yesterday we did have a record at washington dulles. it was the lowest maximum temperature for november 7 with a high temperature of only 43 degrees. it ties the old record set back in 1967. it has been called all of november. november temperatures so far is eight degrees below average. the past 10 days have been below average, and that is the longest stretch we have seen since 2011. it is continuing to stay tightly wrapped in the northeast.
5:54 am
check out some of the snowfall totals. the highest one i could find was north haven conn. at 12 inches. that is rare for those people, especially for those who still do not have power. --high pressure is going to be building in. we should be getting lots of sunshine especially this afternoon. we will start to see the return flow on the backside of the high, our winds will change direction coming out of the south. we will warm up to a great weekend. 52-57 for tonight. looking at your seven-day forecast, we will be in the 60's on saturday and sunday. there i say pushing 70 on monday. next chance of rain on tuesday.
5:55 am
>> thank you. a high of 54 and 40 degrees out there. >> a touching gesture by the indianapolis colts what are you doing
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>> the nfl has fined the chargers more than $20,000. because a member of the equipment staff failed to immediately surrendered towels when ordered to do so.
5:58 am
it contained an adhesive substance that is prohibited. they are going to appeal the charge because they say the staff member was aware somebody was trying to get his attention. andew luck and dozens of teammates will sport a new look when they take and the jaguars tonight. >> they shaved their heads and a show of support for the head coach undergoing treatment for leukemia. >> here we go. >> the indianapolis colts are going all out to show support for their head coach. he was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this season and had to leave the team to undergo chemotherapy. last sunday he attended his first game and watched as they beat the dolphins in dramatic fashion. >> you guys understand it. i understand it.
5:59 am
>> nearly three dozen of the colts have shaved heads in a gesture of unity. >> two more daughters get married and dance at their weddings, and hoist that lombardi. we are hoisting atrophy together. thank you so much. -- we are hoisting that trophy together. >> tim brant reporting there. while leukemia is in remission he is scheduled for two more rounds of chemotherapy. >> nice to see how much support he has.


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